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21.2.2016 | Database

The video database in collaboration with THE BUNK POLICE, can be accesed HERE

More videos are coming up and also a new reagent or two :)

Have fun and stay safe

7.7.2015 | Update on happenings

We would like to apologize for abandoning the reagent table for some time now. The reason behind this is however really exciting. We have teamed up with BUNK POLICE and TLConscious to bring you the most comprehensive reagent result database ever!

We should have things ready within the next few MOON cycles! ;)

Also we are easily available over e-mail for any questions.

24.4.2015 | Many thanks

Many thanks to bunk police, neurochi and Guy from UK reagent tests for their support. We are more than happy :)

19-4-2015 | Update

We have expanded our table to 10 different reagents. Added more than 50 HD photos of reactions. Videos soon to come.

We have almost whole profiles for the following substances: CRL-40,941, HDMP-28, 5-APB-NBOME, MPA, 2C-T-7, 3-FPM, dimethylone and NM-2-AI.

Please keep in mind this is only a minor update. The gigantic infusion is coming soon.

All of our indexed substances are verified via GC/MS, unless stated otherwise.

12. 4. 2015 | Addition to the LAB list

We have added to the LAB list. Another reagent vendor also joined, one is pending. We are producing HD videos and are expecting to have a huge addition to the picture database soon.

9. 2. 2015 | Photo update

We have updated pictures with HD ones for the following entries: 2C-T-7, MPA, dimethylone and N-Me-2AI. Some of the reactions are available as HD videos on our youtube channel.

Reagent-Base youtube channel

29. 1. 2015 | Added entries

We have added entries for 3F-Phenmetrazine and Dimethylone (bk-MDDA). Stay tuned :)

23. 1. 2015 | Few major fixes

Site got useful links section, Vendors got their own page, some other stylistic changes.

21. 1. 2015 | Welcome to Reagent Base

Site is under construction. We apologize for occasional disruption of service, glitches and stuff alike! Site should be fully functional in the next 10 days. Major content update for the reagent table is schedueled soon, stay tuned ;) !

We would also like to invite everyone to help with the cause, and let us know about any reagent vendors or laboratories around the world that are able to analyse drug samples.

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